Small Press Fair in Utrecht!!

Saturday March 22  I'm going to be rocking a table at the 7th edition of the "Kunststripbeurs"  in the Nicolaï Church (Nicolaïkerk) in Utrecht, a small press fair for comics in the Netherlands! My country! I'm very excited, this will be my first  fair / comicon in Holland. Hope I don't trip on my dress huh huh ;).

I've been supporting my local copyshop way more than they need me to or want me, being all over them for the past week. But I made some great fanzines! A collection of my Familienjuwelen cartoons, a preview of my gra-no, aaaaand a reprint of the Tijuana Bible erotic parody of Lucky Luke which has been selected to be published in a Fantagraphics collection of mini-comics. Yes-way.
With me at that rocking table - which is to say that we have cool merchandise, not that one of our table legs is shorter than the others - is Tobi Dahmen, author of an awesome comic about bicycle mods.
I would love to see you there!



Workin' on my boooook. Workin' on my bo-bo-boook. So happy to be working on my book. Here is a sample featuring just one of the killer dialogues that's going to make this one a don't-want-to-put-it-down read. Crazy topics like insulating houses! Who can resist! Check in to my blog regularly and find out if I might maybe who knows possibly be putting out a chapter in a zine at some point in time.


Sailors for 2014

Having had a couple of calenders to do, I ended up doing a whole series of cute sailor pin-ups. The first one is a co-project with all my colleagues in my studio "Atelier Ahoj" - contact me to get your copy; the second one is in "The Strumpet" calender - contact The Strumpeters: http://strumpetcomic.blogspot.de/. And then below that is a wall painting! You'll have to take down our studio wall to get that one home...


The flyers have arrived!

The flyers for our Family Jewels cartoon blog have arrived. With on one side my drawing featuring "De Fiets", beloved and feared bicycle and on the other Nettmann's design, starring "De Roode Flits", much cherished Mustang II.