SUBURBANIMAL a Silent Conversation by Chicks on Comics

For our last Chicks on Comics exhibition we made a fanzine by each contributing with a wordless panel after only having viewed the one panel before. (Did I explain that very badly? I think so... Perhaps that keeps the suspense.) Now we are publishing those panels and following up on the story on our blog with weekly updates. Here is the link: Chicks on Comic.


Six Conversations about Bland

You can now read the full version of my comic Six Conversations about Bland online on the webpage of Comic Seminar Erlangen. Just follow this link.



That is the theme of the Chicks on Comics exhibition opening the 13th of September in the spaces of the wonderful Musaraña in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Musaraña opened its doors in Casa Florida in the area of Vicente Lopez in 2012. The book store provides in comics, independent literature and culture and exhibitions. Now it's us! Apart from showing the works we made for our show in Galerie Futura (remember??) there will tons of new stuff.

In one section of the exhibition we explain the particulars of animal gender, because you thought you knew. But did you really?

And how could we pass? This time again, the Chicks on Comics conspired in a silent conversation. Without knowing more than just the panel before her, each one of us drew the obvious next picture. The story tells itself and we bundled it into a zine for you. Mine is the concluding image. The one that seeps into your dreams, if you're reading before bed. So are you coming?


The summer isn't over till the cowboy sings.

There are just two more weeks left to see the exhibition Rhapsodize  in the spaces of Other Nature in Berlin.

Read a reminder of the work I made there, "Lavender Cowboy" in a previous blog post here. Two more reasons to get your butt over there now, are the works of my studio mates Sabine Rollnik and Sandra Haselsteiner.