Die Freude am Strip

"Die Freude am Strip": Ein Interview mit Nettmann und ich über unser Familienjuwelen cartoons, oder noch ein bisschen genauer: die Antworten zu Fragen über Familie- und Cartoons machen im aktuellen Heft von Familie Rockt! . Hier kannst du es lesen.

Und hier gehts zur aktuellen Familenjuwelen strip.


Weggegangen Platz vergangen

Mein Cartoon "Weggegangen Platz vergangen" von der Familienjuwelen blog ist in das aktuellen Heft von Familie Rockt! in Östereich erschienen! Ein par mehr werden sicherlich noch folgen...


A Few of my Favorite Posts for Chicks on Comics

Soon when things are more definite, I hope I can relate more. Because Chicks on Comics are preparing a couple of really exciting projects. It's made me look through the work I did for Chicks on Comics.

Before starting on the fictional piece Suburbanimal, we have over a period of literally years discussed just the widest range of subjects and opinions. One of the things I treasure about our group is that we don't always agree. Solidarity and friendship aside, Chicks on Comics don't lay claim to any shared ideology, though at times we have been labeled as feminist. I think 'feminism' is something you can agree on but in  no further detail than say 'democracy'. I love how this became apparent when we were interviewed by the online comic magazine Avoid the Future.

This is the nature of an art collective. It's comparable to the way a curator collocates art pieces because of their ability to be in conversation with each other.

Here are some of my favorite posts I did:

2009 Post #14 - We had only recently started blogging, most of us hardly even knew each other and we began by talking about what any self respecting group of women put on a stage to produce a laugh would do; we talked about shaving.

2009 Post #21 - A little further on we had progressed to 'menstruation'.


2009 Post #38 - Blogging in a group of nine authors can at times be slow, sometimes months pass before your turn comes up. So the seven years we worked together doesn't always feel like such a long stretch of time in terms of volume. But the things that stand out and can occasionally give us away are the shifts in our personal lives. This panel was part of a conversation on the COC blog about having children. The discussion went on for a long time and the panels were especially outspoken. I was on the 'nah' bandwagon.

2009 Post #62 - We talked about personal experiences, often attaining to the subject of being a woman. Navigating the field of what were our common feelings and where our differences lay. Most of us still hadn't met in person. We were working from different parts of the world, in countries we hadn't all visited. So it was an experiment in learning about the extent of the woman's perspective.

2010 Post #77 - This was from my own experience during an 'artist-in-residence' in Colombia. My permanent residence is in Germany, I was an outsider visibly coming from a place with relatively fairer distribution of wealth and opportunities. And I was on the one hand confronted with that myself and on the other hand people went out of their way to point it out to me. I had to think about the meaning of this and come up with answers to questions that were being begged by the way I stood out.


2010 Post #95 - A lot of the subjects that came up in our discussions were big issues that took a lot of thinking to get your head around. Even more difficult was how to commit that to one single panel. Should it be funny, should there be a pun? Or a moral? Here I was trying to pin down in one image what love is. I am happy with the result, I still totally agree.

2011 Post #148 - We talked about class, gentrification, consequences, activism, we were sometimes openly critical of one another or ourselves. I think I felt all had been said, or I wasn't sure anymore and prefered to introduce a question instead. I decided to add an anecdote about a piece of activism which had happened close to my home and had jumbled my thoughts.

2012 Post #165 - Another thing we wrote about a lot: the experience of being an artist. Because it stands out as a job, because it's a constant fight to keep doing it, because it buds in in everything you choose to do, because we have it in common as authors: it is hard to stay away from in autobiographical work.

2012 Post #174-  Doing autobiographical comics meant that daily life was also a big part of what we reoported on. And it isn't all heart-breaking and brain-racking. Some things like the come of spring are just beautiful.

2012 Post #190 - This is where you realize how much time has really passed: I'm pregnant.  Or as in the quote by Malcolm Gladwell I read on the Brain Pickings website:
"If you don’t contradict yourself on a regular basis, then you’re not thinking."


Das Eine-Frage-Interview mit Familienjuwelen

Hey Har! Ab jetzt zu bekommen in der Zeitungsladen: der neue Zitty Berlin Stadtmagazin mit der ominöse titel-thema "Der grosse Traum vom schnellen Geld". Da drin sind "Urgestein der hiesigen Comic-Szene" Nettmann und ich interviewt worden für 'Das Eine-Frage-Interview' über unser Projekt Familienjuwelen. Wir haben versucht so lange wie möglich zu antworten aber dan war doch die Seite zu ende. Seite 82!! (Pass auf: Seite 82 bekommt man nur indem man das ganze Heft kauft mit alle andere Seiten dazu.)